Leisure Centres are often looking for new parties to offer their customers – check out these simple to implement steps to get your dance parties in front of leisure centre customers:


Step by step guide:

Look at your local leisure centre – are they offering dance parties already?

Phone the leisure centre and ask who the relevant person to speak to is – it could be the Centre Manager or perhaps the Party Organiser

Email them with your proposal – basically it is totally RISK-FREE for both you and for them to offer your dance party – if the customer doesn’t book, then they don’t pay you.

If you are a Popdance Area Manager, you can check out the emails we send to leisure centres – feel free to download and tailor to your own needs.

If you don’t get a response to your email, follow up with an email asking if you can go in for a quick meeting

If you don’t get a response to your email – follow up with a phone call.

We’ve found that you need to be persistent and consistent in your follow ups as sometimes communications go astray!

Arrange to pop in to meet the Centre Manager or Party Organiser and explain how your parties work and how they can advertise them to their customers

Then they simply take the booking from the customer and pay you an hourly rate to deliver them.

Or, some centres, may want you to deal with the whole party and simply pay them a venue hire rate.


AND, you may find that this leads to other work at the centre – we’ve often been asked to provide Popdance Tots, Kids, Teens and Seniors as their timetable didn’t seem to cover those age groups.


So by offering one part of what you do, dance parties, you may find you end up providing more of what you do as well! Result!


If you are a Popdance Area Manager and would like more information on what to send to leisure centres, give us as shout at [email protected]


Or if you are interested in becoming a Popdance Area Manager – take a look here