Dance Parties for Kids

Dance parties are brilliant for birthdays, especially if you’ve got a big group of children to entertain, with energy to expend! The birthday boy or girl can choose songs from our extensive library of music or request their own song choice, so their party is specifically tailored to their needs. From One Direction to Katy Perry to Frozen we can do it!

During the dance party children will learn a fun warm up, stretch and descriptive movements to the birthday girl or boys choice of tracks and learn a main routine, ready to perform at the end of the party! The teacher will also play dance games and activities. Dancing keeps the children active and entertained whilst having fun and gets them working together and interacting.
A Popdance party will normally last for 2 hours, dancing for an hour and a half before breaking for food and cake, and then a little performance at the end to show mums and dads what they’ve been doing!
There are tons of benefits to having a Popdance dance party:
Birthday girl or boy can choose own songs and tailor the party specifically to what they want
Dancing keeps the children active
Children learn routines, games and exercises
Children get a chance to perform their “work” to parents at the end
2 hours of entertainment
Children learn to work together and everyone can join in
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