How To Excite Your Customers

how to excite your customersGo the extra mile!

Surprise them!

Treat them!

Give them more than they thought they were getting!

Attention to detail!

We all like to get excited – so how to we put the excitement into people’s lives without it costing us a fortune or taking us tons of precious time?

Here’s a few of our favourites:



communication is keyGive amazing customer service

Respond quickly, use people’s names, include their children’s names if taking a party booking (we’ve been to so many parties where the organisers have no idea what the name of the birthday boy or girl is!), these little details matter massively!  Make that customer feel that they are your only customer!


Dance Party for KidsAsk for feedback

How did they get on at the class? How did the party go? Did they enjoy the experience? We value all feedback and emphasise this to our customers – people like to be asked for their opinion – that their opinion matters – it makes us humans feel valued.



how to excite your customersThank people!

It costs us nothing – but something as simple as “Thanks for booking with Popdance” makes a big difference.  People don’t have to book with us, but they choose to and we are very happy that they do – so even a simple “Thank You” goes a long way!


How to excite your customersThink Apple!

How exciting are the Apple products?  People pay huge amounts of money for the quality and presentation of Apple Macs, i-pads, i-phones etc. The products are packaged wonderfully and make you want to stroke the packaging before opening ;)

So how can you add a touch of excitement to what you offer?  When you send out your party invites, could you add a bit of the wow factor?  We’ve got tissue paper, Popdance stickers, boxes and ribbons that all add to that “present” feeling – we get excited when a parcel turns up for us – why not do the same for your customers?


How to excite your customersExcitement and promotion for you

How about adding a branded magnet, badge or sticker to what you send out?  From invoices, renewal letters, or booking confirmations – a “freebie” always goes down well. Magnets, badges and stickers are all affordable via companies such as, vistaprint etc. – our magnets started a trend on facebook of “where’s your Popdance magnet” ;) – take a look here


How to excite your customersStart a competition

We did one called “I love my dance teacher” – we asked people on twitter and facebook to nominate their dance teacher and tell us why they thought they deserved a treat.

It didn’t matter what kind of dance teacher, or where there were in the world – we were inundated with replies – this gained excitement, gave us a massive insight into finding fantastic dance teachers and also enabled us to treat these well deserved teachers – we printed all the comments about them on to a mug and sent the mug to the unsuspecting teacher heroes – they were very chuffed to receive the treat and such lovely comments from their customers.

This campaign simply cost us the price of a couple of printed mugs :)



How to excite your customersSend treats

We think give credit where credit is due.  An amazing dance teacher stepped up when one of our teachers was suddenly taken ill – they didn’t have to and they really put themselves out to be a massive help in what could have been a tough situation – we sent them a tucktuck box – £7.95 to say thank you and they were over the moon!  They took photos and tweeted about it and they were very chuffed – lots of excitement! ;)

We’ve also got “Thank You” postcards and ones that say things such as “You’re a Star”, “Well Done” etc. – again, printing via somewhere like or Vista keeps costs low and things like this really make people’s day.

Things don’t have to cost the earth – it’s just the thought that counts as they say – and it does.



These are just a few things you can do to stir up some excitement – why not give them a go? Let us know if you do and how you get on – and let us know any of your exciting tips too ;)

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