Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 23.09.06Top Tips To Create A Buzz On Social Media

Whether you are a social media virgin, or have been “socialising” for years – it’s always great to create a buzz! :)



Here’s our top tips to get buzzing to benefit your dance or fitness business ;) :


Start a trend – get people involved – we started a “Where’s your Popdance magnet?” campaign on facebook and twitter. We took photos of our Popdance magnet in different locations and invited people to guess where the shots were taken, they then won a Popdance magnet of their own and could join in the fun. Customers then took their magnets around with them and photographed them, featured them on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and invited others to guess “where their Popdance” magnet was – it’s a huge success – not only does it give us massive coverage, but it is is fun, great for brand awareness and gives us tons of images to use too – take a look at some of the amazing places our Popdance magnets have been HERE

pdmagnetIf you would like to win a Popdance magnet – tweet us @popdanceworld and tell us where this Popdance magnet is ;)  We will pick a lucky winner at random






Create excitement – what makes you excited? Excitement is infectious. Creating a build up to something you are launching, an event you are running – rather than just launching it – perhaps create some teasers – for example, we are running Halloween camps, tweets such as “it’s close to midnight….”, “it’s almost time”, short but sweet teasers – does anyone remember the Ghostbusters posters back in the 80’s? They had a simple symbol which created a stir in terms of what was it for, a bit of mystery, before the big launch.


communication is keyEngage with people – get chatting – join in conversations – one of the first conversations we got involved in was about Star Wars ;) All good relationships start with things in common ;) So it might not necessarily start off about dance or fitness, but to do with personalities – why not ask a question on social media – it can be about anything?  One that generally gets people interacting with us are simple ones such as “Wham or Madonna?”, “One Direction or Taylor Swift” – very simple to answer questions ;)



Add images – a picture paints a thousand words, as they say ;) And it’s even easier to “illustrate” what we are saying.  Add images to tweets, share on facebook, and obviously instagram and pinterest are all about images.  A great campaign we did on Pinterest was to ask customers and teachers to share with us “dance studios we love” – we hire lots of dance studios, so it’s beneficial to us to know where all the great studios are, but it also is amazing to involve customers and teachers in sharing this information and getting involved – take a look at some of the stunning studios people have shared with us HERE



Humour! ;) We all like a giggle – so why not share what makes you giggle on social media? Whether it be finding humourous videos or sayings that relate to your business that will bring a smile to the face of your followers, for instance, we really loved the treadmill dance of Uptown Funk and shared this on our facebook page – take a look HERE if you haven’t seen it.



Ask for what you want. Don’t ask, don’t get as they say! When you have built relationships with people, ask them to share things for you – people do like to help, and when it’s something that benefits others, people are even more happy to share, for instance, we tweeted about our Popdance Open Day this Sunday (are you coming by the way?), and asked people to RT (retweet) which they were very happy to do.




We would love to know your thoughts on creating a buzz on social media.  We are always looking at new “campaigns”, ideas and information to create excitement, interest and a smile on our followers and readers faces – so do join us on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and, most recently, Periscope – see you there.

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