What’s in it for YOU?

GAV-MEDIA-SLIDERIn this crazy, busy, whirlwind of a life, how do you get your business, classes, events noticed?

With so much “noise” out there, isn’t it hard to be heard?

Yes, we have the internet at our fingertips and communications at a touch of a button which is sooooooo much more than we ever had.

But does that make it harder to be found, heard and seen?

People want to know what’s in it for them!

When I first worked in advertising it was a real eye opener!  At the age of 19, I discovered that ads weren’t for selling (which I found very confusing at the time), but they were a way of building a relationship with potential customers.

They were creating brand awareness, trust and getting their customers to know and like them.

So when it came to choose between McVities chocolate biscuits and some totally unheard brand on the shelf, most people would go for the McVities.

But what my years of advertising and market research also taught me was that communications need to feature benefits to the end user.

What’s in it for THEM?

Stop “we’ing” all over the place – was another tip – think that one came from Steve Clarke (top guy), stop talking about yourself all the time, we this, we that, and think of what’s in it for your customers?

Things like “want to be more active but can’t find a fun way of doing it?”

“Did you know that if you went to 1 dance class per week, you would not only feel amazing but you’d gain friends, feel happier, tone up” etc. etc. – you get the picture

So when you look at your website, flyers, ads, or any communications – what’s in it for your customer?

Our upcoming Halloween Camp is featured as not only a fun day for the kids, being active, meeting others and learning spooky dance routines to pop music that they love, but it also covers the school day which is fantastic for working parents.

Perhaps take a look at what you offer – whether that be parties, events, products and think of the “pain” points that your customers may have,

i.e. they may want to fit into that little black dress at Christmas

they may want to help their children gain confidence

they may be thinking of items for stocking fillers ;)

they may be planning what to do for birthday parties

The list goes on.

Think about what you offer and how you provide the “cure” for that “pain”.

So – in summary, as Steve Clarke would say “Stop we’ing all over the place” and think about “what’s in it for YOUR CUSTOMER” :)

Let us know how you get on by emailing me – [email protected]


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Have fun and remember “what’s in it for YOU?”