It’s really very simple!

Working together really works!

Being part of a community of like-minded people, all there to help and support each other works!

We all know how difficult it is to run our own dance businesses.

Sometimes we have to wear all of the hats – from bookkeeping, to marketing, to social media guru, to first aid specialist, to choreographer, to cleaner. We all know how much hard work goes into making a successful dance business.

But, how would it feel to be part of a team of dance teachers, business specialists, marketeers and choreographers, all there to help and support you in your business?

A team who are happy to try and answer your questions

A team who are there to help you promote what you do

A team who are there to pass you paying customers

A team who can support you with back up or cover teachers if you need them

A team who can provide marketing tools you can implement straightaway

A team who can provide endless choreography at your fingertips

A team who will pay you for your own choreography


It does exist!

And we’ve been working with dance teachers across the globe since 2009!

We’ve been there, we’ve experienced the ups and downs, we’ve learned tons along the way and, by working with dance teachers internationally, we’ve got to know what works, what doesn’t and helped and supported thousands of dance teachers and dance schools in their journeys.


So how does it all work?

Dance teachers simply send us their cv (detailing their dance qualifications and teaching experience) along with a copy of their public liability insurance document and DBS (or equivalent for their country)


Once this is approved, teachers purchase their Popdance Licence which enables them to teach Popdance parties, classes and workshops anywhere in the world. Our parties pay on average £180 for 2 hours and £65 per hour for workshops depending on where you are in the world!


We then set up a Popdance page on our website letting customers know that you offer Popdance in your area – along with any other genres of dance, fitness or yoga that you may run. If you run your own dance school, you can feature that as well.


We give you full access to the Popdance Teacher website where you can access tons of marketing tips, endless choreography, downloads to help and also invite you to join the Popdance Teacher facebook group where you can chat with us, other dance teachers and get tons of help and support.


Customers then book directly with you and you can charge the relevant rates for your area.


The Popdance Licence is usually £25/month or £250 for the year. However, due to Covid-19, we are running a really low price offer of just £99 for one year! This offer ends this weekend – midnight 31st May 2020 – so if you are interested in working with us – grab yours now!




If you have any questions, give us a shout at [email protected] or take a look at these FAQs HERE