Why you should share

why you should shareWe had the pleasure last week of getting together with other dance teachers and companies at a press launch for EMDP (Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership).

Our demo of Popdance Fit went really well and we then took part in other companies demos – so I found myself Clubbercising, Burlesqueing and Latinoing ;)

For someone who isn’t a dance teacher and is quite hopeless at dance – I’ve no idea how I ended up running a dance business ;) – it was quite an eye-opener.

It was also fascinating to chat with other teachers and hear about their businesses – what works for them, how dance fits into their lives, and how they are making a blinkin’ good living from it too.

It was also lovely to chat openly and warmly with each other. With no competitiveness or “giving me evils”, I think the world of dance is opening up and teachers are comfortable with sharing ideas and information with each other.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 15.47.14When we first started Popdance, 6 years ago, we wanted to create a community of dance teachers – a place where teachers could share information, successes, concerns, ideas and support each other – our Popdance Teacher Facebook page is a fantastic example of this.

And now there are many forums that offer support too.

Talking to each other and working as a team makes Popdance the successful business that it is and we work hard to encourage our teachers and potential teachers to be part of that.

So how can you get involved? Join dance teacher forums on Linked In, facebook and Google + – it’s fascinating connecting with others.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Popdance Teacher – take a look HERE

Our Popdance Teacher Facebook Page is open to standard and premium Popdance members and you will also find job opportunities for you there as well as info, discussions and support.

Popdance are recruiting – join us at one of our Open Days – the next one is in Birmingham next Sunday 22nd November – then Hertfordshire in January – take a look HERE, find your nearest one and book on – it’s totally FREE to attend

It’s good to talk!

Have a great week!