Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 17.49.255 Simple Things To Do On Social Media This Week To Get Great Results For Your Dance Business

  1. Join your local “mums” or “parents” facebook groups – these are fantastic for finding out more about parents in your area. Great for “market research”, i.e. “I’m thinking of starting a Popdance class for toddlers – it’s about learning dance moves to pop music – would this be of interest to your toddlers” – ensure you engage with the group, rather than just post links to your website – add some conversation in there too and you will get better results

  2. Follow companies that you would like to work with – i.e. local leisure centres, local schools, local wedding planners (if you want to run wedding dances or hen parties), engage in conversation with them – retweet their tweets, and ask them questions – striking up conversations builds relationships and when you want to discuss opportunities with them, they are more receptive to you

  3. Share your expertise on facebook and twitter – for example “10 Things To Look For When Booking Your Child’s Birthday Party” – you are not “selling yourself”, yet you are sharing your expertise to benefit the reader – building trust and showing that you are a professional business – this blog was shared across social media platforms and was shared, re-tweeted and featured by many dance teachers across the globe

  4. Ask Questions – what would you love to know that would help you with your dance classes, parties and events?  Ask.  It’s amazing how much you learn by simply asking questions. For instance, we are looking at trialling teen camps in the school holidays – we asked the question in some parents of teen facebook groups and on twitter, and the response we got has encouraged us to run a trial – asking about timings, venues and how to reach that audience has really enlightened us too.

  5. Share others’ posts and tweets. Social media is all about being social. Helping others too. So if you see tweets and posts that you feel will benefit your followers, then share them – you will get recognised for sharing and not “always talking about yourself”, plus you will find that others will be more inclined to share your posts and tweets too.

So that’s it – 5 simple things to do on social media this week to get great results for your dance classes

Let us know how you get on.

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