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Why Choose Popdance Kids For Your Child?

Rianna Parchment, Popdance Area Manager for Redhill writes:   The basic benefits of any dance or exercise class are endless! They are a great way to: Get some exercise Have some fun Learn a new skill Improve flexibility & balance Develop musicality & rhythm     However, we believe that our classes provide all of [...]

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Why I became a Popdance Area Manager

  Emma Abel - Popdance Area Manager and Principal of Emma Louise Dance Club explains:   My dance school opened in 2006. I started with just two dance classes. My school has grown and I now teach eleven dance classes in three different locations in Dumfries and Galloway. As my business grew I was struggling [...]

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What’s so great about Pop Dance School Holiday Camps?

Well, Rianna Parchment, Popdance Area Manager for Redhill explains:   How do you keep your children entertained during the school holidays? It can be hard to think of creative ideas to keep your children entertained for a week or more and avoid the dreaded “I’M BORED!!”.   So why should you choose Popdance? Popdance holiday [...]

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Why take your child to a pre-school dance class?

Popdance Area Manager for Redhill, Rianna Parchment explains:   “People need to realise that these classes are about more than just dancing!” Was said to me at the end of one of my recent Popdance Tots classes by a Grandparent that had come to watch. And she is right!   During a 30-minute dance class, [...]

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Keeping In Touch With Popdance Customers

  Lianne Holt, Popdance Area Manager for Watford writes:   "Sometimes, I think one of the hardest things is keeping in touch with people.   Everyone leads busy lives, with work and family commitments that it’s easy to forget how important just sending a quick message to a potential customer can be; out of sight [...]

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Why we are soooooo excited about the future for Popdance!

It's not been the easiest of journeys! From starting with just one Popdance class for adults in St Albans, Hertfordshire 8 years ago, we've certainly learned a LOT!   Having never run a business before, the learning curve has been more like a corkscrew but I have to confess that I've loved every minute! Yes, [...]

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How can dancing help with obesity and health problems?

We all know the benefits of exercise and keeping healthy and yet we keep seeing reports in the news that obesity and other health problems are on the rise, particularly in young people. So, what can we do to help?   When we exercise our bodies release endorphins which makes us feel good it also [...]

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Looking for a birthday party in Rugby?

Looking for a birthday party in Rugby? Charlotte Cooper, Popdance Area Manager for Rugby shares her top tips:   We all know how hard it is trying to plan birthday parties for kids. We ask ourselves millions of questions from ‘Do we host it at our house?’, ‘Do we hire a venue?’, 'Do we hire [...]

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10 Things To Look For When Booking Your Kids Birthday Party

10 Things To Look For When Booking Your Kids Birthday Party We all love a good party and we want our kids to have the best time ever - so what should we be looking for when thinking about what to book for the big day? Here's our essential 10:     1. Ask your [...]

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