Does this sound familiar?


“It’s lovely running my dance school. I love dance, but I have to do everything – marketing, sales, admin, the works”

“I can’t talk to the team about my concerns as I don’t want to worry them”

“I’d love to know about apps and tools to make things easier for me”

“I would love to be part of a team of like-minded people”

“I’d love to know where to put my marketing efforts”

“I wish I had a ready made audience to showcase my work to”

“I’d love to grow my dance business”

“I’d love to bounce ideas with someone”

“I’d feel really valued to give my opinion and share my experiences on things”

“I’d love to inject some new ideas into my dance business”

“I’d love for someone to have my back”

“I’m so busy doing everything that I don’t have time to have a life”

“I’m worried about injuries or being ill as who will cover me?”

Whether you are just starting out, or have a well established dance business…

Whether you are a sole dance teacher, or you have a whole team…

We are here to support you in a variety of ways:

Choose which is right for you:

Register for Paid Work

Super Simple
  • Send us details of your dance quals and experience
  • Send us your insurance and DBS (or your country's equivalent)
  • Be part of the team
  • Sit back and wait for paid jobs

Become a Partner

Let's work together
£ 25 Monthly
  • We will promote all genres of dance and fitness that you offer
  • Get additional revenue and customers
  • Get a Licence to use all of the Popdance Brands
  • Promotion for your business every single month in Dance News Round Up email

Promote your dance business

£ 25 From
  • From featuring your business in the Dance News Round Up email
  • To sponsorship opportunities
  • To promoting your classes and events

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