We had a great Zoom and Facebook Live call yesterday! All getting to grips with some new technology, some “laggy” WiFi and sharing ideas and support with each other. Great to see so much positivity in these very strange times.


So here’s a little summary of what we discussed:


Delivering Online Classes

The consensus seems to be that if you are LIVE streaming and have a PRS or PPL licence and you can see all of your participants and they can see you, then this is acceptable. Please do check with your own insurance company to make sure you are covered if you do want to offer this.

We also suggested that you can video yourself teaching perhaps the descriptive section choreography for kids but without any music and then either letting people know what track they can play to use the choreo or come up with a challenge for the kids to find tracks that it will work with. The descriptive choreo is very simple to follow and to put to various tracks.

If you want to film yourself on your phone and share it with us (with either no music or unlicenced music), we can then upload to our youtube channel and share across our social media platforms for you – all linking back to your Popdance webpage and we can then all share these with our teachers and their Popdancers etc.


Current Party Bookings

This is what we are currently saying to our customers who have booked parties during the next 2 months:


Hi Claire,

Hope you are all keeping well in these very strangest of circumstances!
Thank you for booking Lucy’s 6th birthday party with us for 4th April. Yes, unfortunately as expected, your offline Popdance party cannot go ahead at this time.
We are obviously very disappointed for Lucy – do you have an alternative perhaps “online” party in mind? Zoom is a great way to connect with friends and family and we could possibly set up an online Popdance party for you all. Totally up to you – it could be an option.
Alternatively, we are very happy to reschedule the party for later in the year.
Let us know what works best for you. Meanwhile, we’ve attached some Popdance Easter Activity Sheets you can print out for Lucy to enjoy.
Meanwhile, best wishes and stay active during this strange period – these short videos may be fun for Lucy to try too – here
Sue and The Popdance Team


If Claire does request a refund, it is down to your discretion. Here’s what the Popdance Ts and Cs state:


Cancellations and Refunds

Parties and Events – If customers have to move the date of their booking Popdance charge a transfer fee of 25% of the total cost of the event and the event must be rescheduled to take place within 3 months of the original date.  If the event is not rebooked then any payments made are non-refundable.

If customers have to cancel their booking and give Popdance 28 days or more notice, then we will refund the customer 75% of the booking fee.

If customers have to cancel their booking and they give Popdance 14 days or more notice, then we will refund the customer 50% of the booking fee.

If customers have to cancel their booking and they give Popdance 7 days or more notice, then we will refund the customer 25% of the booking fee.

If customers have to cancel their booking and they give Popdance less than 7 days notice, then the event is non-refundable.

If Popdance have booked the venue on the customers behalf, then the customer must honour the venue’s Terms & Conditions.

If the event has to be cancelled by Popdance or due to adverse weather conditions or situations out of our control, customers will be contacted straight away. Customers will then be offered an alternative event date.

Popdance have a back up system in place for all their parties – if the Popdance Teacher that is booked for your party is ill or cannot attend your party, Popdance will bring in a back up teacher. If, for any reason, the back up cannot attend, you will be given an alternative event date.  Popdance will not be held responsible for Teacher illness or inability to attend a Popdance Party.

Popdance will not be held responsible for fees incurred or lost due to cancellations.


We do tend to take each case individually and do what we feel is right and fair in each case.


Future Party Bookings

We’ve added this information to the Popdance website and would suggest you do the same on your Popdance webpages:

We do love a good party! 😉

Whilst we cannot deliver our fantastic parties during this very strange period, we are, however, taking bookings for future ones.

Book your party for the dates that you want now as we know that bookings will be really popular as soon as we “come out the other side”. So, to ensure you get the dates you want, book now for parties from July onwards.

If circumstances do not allow us to deliver your party, we can simply reschedule or refund you – whichever suits you. Let’s party!


People are going to want to book in birthday parties, especially for their children, when this has all passed. So as long as you reassure parents that you can reschedule or refund their bookings, you can take bookings now. Ensuring people get the dates they want as you will get booked up quickly when people know that socialising is back on the agenda.


Easter Camps

Some of our teachers were going to go-ahead and run an on-line version of an Easter Camp via zoom or an equivalent. A shorter version of the camp, teaching the children fun dance routines, plus doing some of the activities with them such as the Easter Activity Sheets (which you can find in POP or in the Popdance Teachers Facebook Group), or letting parents know what’s needed before the camp, i.e. paper, cardboard, pens, glue etc. and then taking the children through an activity together. If you would like to find out more about how this will work and what our teachers are charging, give us a shout in the Popdance Teachers Facebook Group.


Staying Front of Mind with your customers

Whether you choose to run online classes or sessions, or whether you don’t, it’s definitely worth staying in contact with your customers. Whether that be sharing links to some of the activities they can do from home – here’s the Pop-It moves for Popdance Kids – or filming some of the descriptive moves on your phone and sharing them with your customers – ideally with no music (music rights) and you can either tell your customers which track it’s too, or they can do the descriptive moves to most tracks.


Make sure you are following us on social media – twitter, instagram, facebook etc and feel free to follow our lead in terms of communications – benefits of dance, how to stay active at home etc.


You can also access images etc to use via the Popdance Teacher Dropbox


Tell Us More About YOU

Now is a great time for us to tell people even more about you all and what you do, why you do it, what you offer etc.

Answer these simple questions and we will do the rest (include a link to your Popdance webpage and also your website or facebook page) and we will share across our social media platforms

Include any photos or a video of you and email to [email protected]

Hi there, what’s your name, where are you in the world and what kind of dance do you usually offer?

Do you run any parties or workshops?

What made you get into the world of dance?

How long have you been dancing?

What’s the best thing about dance for you?

What do you usually love doing in your spare time?

Please add link to your Popdance webpage and your website or facebook page – etc.


Is your Popdance webpage and your website up to date?

Now’s a great time to look at your online presence from a customers point of view. Is anything on your website or Popdance webpage out of date? Do all the links work? Could you improve it at all? Could you offer any additional services? If you are offering online services now, do add those in. Give us a shout if you need any help or suggestions or would like us to take a look at your pages for you.


Do you like to choreograph?

We pay for choreography! Get in touch with [email protected] to find out more. Rachel has a set budget for the year and she can also advise on what tracks and what sections/types we want more choreo for.




Google My Business

We are doing much more with Google My Business. We will be ensuring our main page is up to date and featuring everything correctly – then we will be setting up Google My Business for each of your areas as well. So we will be getting in touch to find out where we can get the verification postcard sent to to ensure we set you up correctly. Once you are set up we will be in touch with ideas and suggestions of what to feature and also how to start building your google reviews. This all helps massively with people finding you and your classes.


Support and help for ALL dance teachers

We are offering help and support for ALL dance teachers during this very strange period. Giving them a free webpage as well as marketing and business support.  New teachers will only pay their licence fee when they get their first paid Popdance job with us. Current Popdance Teachers will always be on their loyalty rates which are fixed and will never go up whilst they are a Popdance Teacher. Do spread the word to dancers you may know or via your social media channels – here’s full information about this offer


We are here to help and support each other – if you have any queries, concerns, suggestions, tips etc. give us a shout – post in the Popdance Teachers facebook group, or email us [email protected] or phone us – 07957 163786 is my mobile number. You are not alone – together we can do this! Yay!