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We love dance!

We love birthday parties!

We love dancing to pop music from the 80s, 90s, 00s and current pop tracks!

From classics such as Wham! to the latest from Taylor Swift! We’ve got over 14 years worth of choreography for you to choose from!

Whether it’s a childrens party, birthday parties for adults, anniversary parties, hen parties, wedding dances, dance workshops or private dance lessons – we can help.

Working with thousands of qualified and experienced dance teachers across the globe, we guarantee you the best dance party ever!

We also bring dance into schools – so if you’d like your child to take part in fun dance sessions either within the curriculum or outside of school, find out more about Popdance in schools in your area here

For businesses, we have Teambuilding, Wellbeing & Charity! Find out more

We’ve been Popdancing since 2009! So we certainly know what we are doing!

Let’s Dance!